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I have been a speaker for numerous organizations including Black Women Business Owners of Tulsa, Disrupt HR, and  Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.


I provide multiple services including personal and professional development training, small business training and team building.


I have several events that I host every year from networking to book discussions. To get the latest, and get connected to professionals in the community, click below.

Hi, I'm Lewana

Being a woman who at one point felt the relief of finally “having it all”- the degrees, the car, the house, the fulfilling job, great friends and walking in purpose- I found myself unexpectedly struggling with the demons of my own negative self-talk. 

I was the one who enlightened, encouraged and empowered other people to change their mindset and operate in the fullness of who they were created to be. I was the one who taught others how to live an abundant life but didn’t experience it myself.

How was I now in this place of uncertainty? A place where I had never been before? I finally came to the conclusion that it was for YOU! You..the woman who is struggling with her own self-doubt not because she doesn’t have what she wants, but because she wants to be whole. You, the corporate woman who maintains her corporate status but goes home to her husband and kids and still feels empty. You, the woman who after years of working for everyone else, decides to start your business. You, the woman in ministry who is teaching the word of God but struggles to believe it for yourself.

This is for YOU, yes, YOU!

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