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Signature L.I.F.E Program

When women LOVE themselves first, they become INTENTIONAL about experiencing true FREEDOM and begin to EMPOWER themselves and others.  If you are looking to overcome internal and external obstacles, get clear about your vision and focused on your future, this program is for you.

Finding Your Leadership Voice

I saw a post the other day from a woman who had just been offered a new position and she was now leading about 20 individuals. However, she felt as though she was not totally equipped to do her job effectively. And unfortunately, so many women are placed in this position due to the lack of leadership development and training that is needed to lead others effectively.

I am here to fill that GAP.

In Day 1 of Finding Your Leadership Voice: A Women’s Leadership Roundtable, we will discuss:

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The importance of leading from your personal core values
  • Understanding the 5 Levels of Leadership (John C. Maxwell)

In Day 2, we will discuss:

  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How to Handle Feedback
  • Learn how to:
  • Lead with Impact and Build Rapport
  • Become a More Confident, Assertive Woman without losing Femininity
  • Lead More and Manage Less to Increase Productivity
  • Get the Tools you need to Step out of your Comfort Zone in order to Stand in your Power and Speak your Truth

The Power of the ‘F’ Word: Feedback

To improve yourself as a leader and professional, you cannot just depend on your own point of view. It has worked in the past, however, what got you here is not going to get you there.

Are you seeking out feedback from others – those who see your blind spots and are able to give you insight on those areas you may need to change? You may even ask, ‘How do I do that and who do I ask?’

Building Personal Resilience

What you will learn:

  • What resiliency looks like
  • The characteristics of resilient people
  • 10 Ways to become more resilient

Leveraging Your Networks

Have you ever thought about how you can leverage your networks to position yourself to go beyond the next level? In this talk, I will show you proven ways to use your community in order to access greater opportunities and greater access.

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